Max/Min Charge & Remarks

Transfer Deed

HK$5 per transfer deed

Collected by HK Revenue Department

  Stock Withdrawal – Physical HK$1.5 per board lot
HK$3.5 per board lot
Total: HK$5 per board lot
Collected by HK Clearing
Min charge: HK$20
  Transfer Fee HK$5 per transaction Min charge: HK$100
  Dividend Collection 0.35% of dividend amount
0.12% charged by HK Clearing
Total: 0.47% per transaction
Min charge: HK$5
  Claim for Dividend & Bonus Issue 1% of dividend amount Min charge: HK$200

  1. admin costs to be levied
  2. charge no matter claim is successful
  3. deposit fee for bonus issue
  Deposit via CCASS
(SI or ISI Sock Withdrawal)
0.005% of stock value on the previous trading day

Free charge for physical stock transfer to Gransing Securities Co., Ltd.

Min charge: HK$10, and
Handling fee HK$100 per transaction
  Handling Charge for OTC trade 0.25% Min charge: HK$1,000 and no maximum.
Charge for large deal, please contact your broker
  Stock Deposit HK$2.5 per board lot Collected by HK Clearing:

  1. Min charge for 1 board lot
  2. Charge will be levied for all stock deposits including non-CCASS stocks
  Retrieving Yearly Account Statement HK$200 per transaction HK$20 per duplicate copy
  Takeover Bid & Rights Issue Handling fee: HK$0.80 per board lot
Admin fee: HK$0.80 per board lot
Total: HK$1.6 per board lot
Min charge: HK$100
Customer needs to pay for both handling fee and admin charger for each transaction (Min charge for one board lot)
  Covered Warrant Conversion 6 ways provided by HK Clearing:

  1. Stamp duty: HK$5(per stock)
  2. Transfer fee per board lot: HK$0.8
  3. Printing fee: stock value on right issue day
  4. Warrent fee: HK$200 (by HK Clearing)
  5. Cancellation fee for covered warrant: HK$5 per board lot (by HK Clearing)
  6. Handling fee: HK$0.80 per board lot plus admin charge for HK$20
Min charge: HK$100

Customer needs to pay for both fee for covered warrant excerise and charges by HK Clearing

  Charge for Returned Cheque HK$60 per transaction Not applicable
  IPO Application Cash subscription: HK$50

Margin subscription: HK$100

  Custodian Fee and Interest Handling Charge 0.5% of the nominal amount would be charged on interest payment date, the charge for scope of service including custodian fee and interest handling charge (not limited to interest handling charge)  

Pay-in method for stock settlement

Please deposit the amount by 7:00 p.m. on T+1; the PPS Merchant Code of Gransing is 9309; the daily maximum transfer amount is HK$100,000.
PPS by Phone – Register Bill 18013
PPS by Phone – Pay Bill 18033
24-hour PPS Information Hotline 900 00 222 328

  • Deposit in Gransing Securities designated accounts in Hong Kong:
    Hang Seng Bank Account: 024-388-253908-001
    Bank of China Account: 012-709-1-004273-2
    HSBC Account: 004-500-258082-001
    Please deposit the amount before 5:00 p.m. on the second day after your trade order was executed (T+2) and send the pay-in slip by facsimile to (852) 2544-8439. In order to protect your interest, please write your Gransing account number and your full name on the pay-in slip.

Note: Changes or amendment of the above information might be made at any time without prior notice. If you want to verify the latest fee schedule, please call (852) 31 626 888.