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Online Account Opening

Please prepare the following documents before opening an account:

  • Identity documents (for customers who hold non-permanent Hong Kong resident ID cards, additional original national ID cards or passports are required).
  • Hong Kong bank card held in the name of the applicant.
  • Proof of current residential address (such as public service bill or bank bill issued in the last three months).

Open your account by scanning the QR code and follow the instructions to complete the registration process. Select the account you need to open. After depositing the corresponding funds, you can proceed with the transaction.

Make An Appointment To Open Account In Person

You can make an appointment to visit our company to open an account. In order to save your time for account opening procedures, you can call our company to make an appointment for the account opening (Tel: 3162 6888).

Account Opening Procedure Preview


Open account NOW by scanning the QR code
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For Hong Kong stocks “3-month commission-free offer”, the commission must be collected first and then rebate for trading through online trading platform.

  1. The commission-free offer just for the first 3 months once client created trading account, our company will first charge trading commissions at basic commission rate (we will calculate the total cumulative tiered commissions during the months concerned) and the sum of eligible commission rebates will be divided equally in three months directly paid to the securities account.(caked “rebate period’)
  2. Customers must continue to trade during the “rebate period” to enjoy the rebate. The rebate amount of the first period will be deducted from the current month’s trading commission; If the client’s trading commission in the current month is less than the rebate amount, the rebate balance will be cancelled.
  3. The commission (if any) that the customer receives each month will be deposited into the customer’s securities account in the middle of the following month.
  4. “Commission” does not include “government stamp duty, exchange transaction fees, exchange fees, central clearing fees and China Securities Regulatory Commission transaction levies” etc.
  5. During the preferential plan period, if the customer is terminated by the company for any fraud or inappropriate behavior, all rebates that will be given to the customer will not be refunded.